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Good suggestion, I think a lot of people would like this.

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I would definitely like it.

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I think Ferrari_man_308 has just thought of one of the best ideas possible with pixelmon points, here, take my "+1"'s

Ofcourse, they have the time to create a whole new system, but not the time to rename my account.. Manmanmanman, I'm already waiting more than 2 months..



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What do you guys think to a command that fully ev trains a pokemon in 1 stat?



Well, if there is an IV one, then good idea.

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personally i would like it if we could change the ball a pokemon is caught in.

Very nice update! Cant wait for the setIV part. cause i hate the system with the eggs. its borring and to much luck orianted. New system is nice!


Only thing i dont like about it is the /Shiny part. this take the rare pokemons out of the game. and btw. Making a Pidgeot SHiny shoudl not cost the same as making a Mewtwo Shiny.... If u know what i mean.


The /shiny part should removed. else, every one will running around with only shiny pokemons. Shiny arent worth anything, aren't any special anymore. and the only Reason i use the pixelmonshop to buy a pokemon is, cause i can set it shiny ! And dont need to grind 24/7 for an Shiny Espeon.



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  • @"the /setIV flamers" there is no PERFECT pokemon having all IV on 31 is not perfect. u need the perfect Hiddenpower. and this need to be changed like every battle. against similar trainers. so its not possible to get 100% Pokemons! . I realy like the /setIV command. so u can play much with hiddenpower!


There is going to be a stock market for Pixelpoints <> Pokecoins. Not going to work with direct payments, but a bidding structure.

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Looking great! any idea when /gender and /setivs are coming out for use?

AshleyRubia saying "Perfect Pokemon" we don't mean It's totally perfect... We mean it has good IVS ... And the Eggs part just because you don't like it or others think it's boring etc. It doesn't mean it's bad, it's a part of the game, /hatch is available now, you can /hatch for 25PP ONLY instead of walking. For example a Dragon egg group needs 10709 steps to hatch. Nature can be changed too so if you have a good IV'ed Pokemon you can change it's nature and then you're set. Now I'm not going back into the /ivs part or the /ability. I totally disagree with those 2 specific commands as I mentioned earlier. But all that isn't enough for you? /set evs and re-leveling a Pokemon? .-. That's too overpowered, like setting EVS on one stat, that ruins the work of EV-Trainers and if you think EV-Training is boring or you can't get into it, it's really really easy you just need to do some research and if you do it right in-game you will be done in less than 15 minutes. But yeah, that will just be a single command maxing a Pokemon's EVs on one stat and I bet it's going to be below than 400PP. What is more, FerrariMan suggested resetting a Pokemon's level back to 1, to learn specific moves that cannot be learned by TM's plus if it is overleveled you can simply re-train it and go give a try on the Gym. Right? Because nobody has the patience to do some research to find a good team and read strategies on how beat the Gyms. Going to the Auction buying the pokemons you need to defeat a Gym, or catching them In-Game. There's no point in resetting a Pokemon's level back to 1 like that I can just make my competitive team all level one, give them rare candies and beat the gyms easily, within a short time, now the price for resetting the levels is not yet announced, so I have nothing more to say.

I don't know why people are complaining about this, but I love the addition of PixelmonPoints.
I love the way how you can customize your own pixelmon without it being too strong too fast.
The prices are reasonable and the most you can change to your pokemon is limited to once a month for a donator unless if you buy pixelmonpoints from the shop.
The price of the pixelmonpoints in the shop is perfectly fine at the moment since you only get 2000 points for 9 euro.
Changing IVs cost 1200 per IV so you would have to buy 4000 points to change 2 IVs and thats only for 1 pokemon so imo it's not overpowered.

My conclusion is that this is a good addition to this server and fun to have.

maybe you can use pp to teach moves they can learn  but cant learn by tm or leveling like magicarp cann learn hydro pump but he cant learn it by tm or leveling i think tell me if im wrong but yea but  the jist of it is like the move toutors in the  pokemon games!! good idea or no?

I think this would be a bit overpowered, because Bolt strike, fusion flare etc. are also in Pixelmon, there's just no pokemon that can learn it, I feel that if this is gonna be implemented, every pokemon will have the most OP moves there are.

Hi there.


I think you misunderstood his point Wesley, the idea is to essentially add a move tutor feature, which would allow you to teach pokemon moves that you normally could not (ie. Bullet Punch on Scizor). This does not mean that you could give any move to any pokemon, so moves such as Fusion Flare and Bolt Strike would still be unteachable, as no pixelmon currently implemented can learn them. It would just reduce some of the hassle involved with acquiring certain lvl 1 moves

I don't have access to /shiny [number] yes, is that a bug or can only admins use it?



I think that is currently a server wide bug, you would have to concur that with Lemonita.

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for shiny it is /setshiny # yes

So you thought the /shiny command would be good. That was like a year ago that I posted that thread. :P




if you change the ivs and its really leveled up, will its stats improve or stay? Also, if you could implement some sort of way to change the pokeball a poke is caught in with the pixelpoints, i would be very grateful.

I think being able to change the Pokeball is a wonderful idea-- if it was possible, I mean. Good to help with style, or because you know you secretly want all your Pokemon in a premier ball.

Is there any way of buying pp with poke coins?

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

Buy it from other players

I can see that this topic needs updating... The command to make your pokemon shiny is /setshiny and not /shiny

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Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

there seriously needs to be /setevs


Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

Quick idea

/setmove [move] 

You guys choose how many points this command will be.

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

the growth is not working on safari


That is because these commands only work on the Kanto server.

When is the gender command going to work?

i dont think the ivs are a prob but many shuffel prices and the rates you earn pp at