Pixelmon Auction (updated)

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Command List:

  • /confirm (to confirm your account)
  • /store <slot 1-6> (if transferring pixelmon from another server)
  • /auction <slot 1-6> (to post a pixelmon for auction)
  • /pokebank all (to claim pixelmon you have bought or returned)

The Pixelmon Auction system brings a safe method of trading pixelmon for pokedollars(pd).

This system will work directly with your Pokedollars ingame and works with the command /auction <slot 1-6>. Once you stored a pixelmon to sell on the pixelmon auction you can go to pixelmoncraft.com/auction to find the auction page. Here you can put your pixelmon up for auction on the Sell a Pixelmon page.

Before you can purchase or put up pixelmon for auction you need to create a forum account. Afterwards while in game confirm your account with /confirm. When you successfully purchase a pixelmon this pixelmon will become available directly in  your pokebank (/pokebank all). The minimum price of a pixelmon is 50pd and the auction fees are 1pd, you pay the fee if you buy a pixelmon or cancel an auction.

On your profile and other user's profile pages you can find a listing of pixelmon auctions placed by other players.

This system works with a Terms of Service agreement which you will have to accept every time you make use of the pixelmon auction. pixelmoncraft.com/tos/

Revised Guide For the Auction System