Color Codes

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Color codes are used to change the color of text on the server. The ability to set a prefix with color comes with the purchase of donator rank from the server shop. The use of colored chat is purchased separately from the perks section of the shop. When you purchase a rank your prefix will automatically be set to Bidoof or Loyalty-Bidoof using color codes. Despite some of the banned color codes being in the prefix it is fine to keep it if you desire.

How to use color codes:                                                                                                                                /setprefix &(code)________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

The following is a list of the colors and their corresponding codes, as well as the list of codes that are banned from being used in prefixes.

&0 --> (Black)
&1 --> (Dark Blue)
&2 --> (Dark green) (Banned)
&3 --> (Cyan)
&4 --> (Dark Red) (Banned)
&5 --> (Purple)
&6 --> (Orange) (Banned)
&7 --> (Light gray)
&8 --> (Dark gray)
&9 --> (Light blue)
&a --> (Lime green)
&b --> (Sky blue) (Banned)
&c --> (Light red)
&d --> (Pink)
&e --> (Yellow) 
&f --> (White)
&k --> (Make the text change, Magic) (Banned)
&l --> (Bold)                                                       
&m --> (Strike the text)                                                  
&n --> (Underline the text)
&o --> (Make the text Italic)
&r --> (Reset any color)

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