Guide to the Elite 4

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Since we now have an Elite 4, a few things have changed from the old level 100 gyms, this will help you reach the Elite 4.

To have the ability to challenge the Elite 4 you first must have completed all 8 npc gyms.

The Gym Rules:

The Gyms:

Rock Gym, level 20, /warp rockgym

Water Gym, level 30, /warp watergym

Electric Gym level 40, /warp electricgym

Grass Gym level 50, /warp grassgym

Poison Gym level 60, /warp poisongym

Psychic Gym level 70, /warp psychicgym

Fire Gym level 80, /warp firegym

Ground Gym level 90, /warp groundgym

Once you have beaten all 8 gyms you can now challenge the Elite 4. The rules are the same as the gyms but you must use the same team for all 4 of the elite 4, you can battle them in any order and there is no level cap.

The Elite 4 /warp elite4

Ice/Ground /warp iceelite4

Fighting/Poison /warp fightingelite4

Ghost/Fairy /warp ghostelite4

Dragon/Steel /warp dragonelite4