Ranking tree, how does our community work?

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Hello dear community-members!

As most of you have probably noticed already,
We do have quite a few ranks, but yet few explanations about them.
I want to show you our ranking system works, what ranks we have and who you should inform with issues you have or have noticed.

Let's start with our ranking tree. 

As you can see we have got a total of 10 different ranks. These 10 ranks are part of four different departments.

Every department has a different manager. The manager is the head of the department, therefor questions about any rank in the department should be asked to him/her.

1. Community department.
The community is the most important thing for and on our server. (This also is one of the reasons we ask you to get on Teamspeak) We love to hear your stories about our server and thoughts to improvement it.

2. Server department.
The task of the Server department is to make sure the server is properly running, searching for bugs/glitches, updating plugins and searching for improvements to the server.
You might not always find them ingame as they are more in the background of the server than in the fore-ground.

3. Staff department.
The staff department is there to help you with any problem you might get or find ingame. They are the people who will accept your tickets when you require direct assistance.
The staff department will be found on any spot of our community, meaning you'll see them on the forums, ingame and on teamspeak.

4. Gym department.
As we are a Pixelmon community, we also need Gym battles. The Gym department makes sure you have some kind of 'story-line' into your gameplay.  Try to get all the 8 badges from our Gymleaders and then challange the Elite4.


Thanks for reading this, enjoy Pixelmon and let us know if you have any questions.