Increasing Your Chances of Becoming a PokéHelper

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In this guide, I will be offering some tips on how you can increase your chances on becoming a PokéHelper! Lets get started with the basics.

  • Be reputable.

I am pretty sure everyone likes to have a clean punishment record, including you! So then, be good, follow the rules, and you may be rewarded with increased chances of your application being accepted!

  • Understand that being a PokéHelper is not about being cool.

The kind of PokéHelpers we're looking for is people who take time out of their day to assist members of our community with any problems or questions that they may have.

  • Follow the rules.

All members of our community are expected to follow the server's rules, including Gym Leaders and Staff Members. To read the official rules, click here.

  • Be mature.

Maturity is a big part of being a staff member, as you will be presented a big responsibility when becoming a PokéHelper, such as being professional at all times, and doing the right thing when no one is around.


                                                                        Advanced Tips 


  • Be knowledgeable.

A very important part about being a PokéHelper; being knowledgeable about the server, Pixelmon/Pokémon, and Minecraft.

  • Have good grammar.

Having good grammar is another important part about being a staff member. Staff members need to have good grammar in order to give out quality answers, and appear mature and professional at all times.

  • Be active.

Activity is also a big part of being a staff member, as it shows your dedication to the community. Also, its not just about being server active, its also about being active on our Teamspeak 3 server. In regards to inactivity, if you're not able to dedicate a good amount of your time due to real life necessities, you should not be applying.

  • Be fluent in English.

As you may know, this is a required skill in order to become a staff member. This is because the vast majority of this server's language is spoken in English.

  • Be patient.

Patience is what is expected out of a staff member. A good way to prove your patience level is to not ask Staff-Managers about your application, which will more than likely to get your application denied.

  • Having the ability to work as a team.

This is another skill that we require from staff members. Even though its not as important as you may think, it is still a skill that will get you around quite a far distance.

  • Don't be a try-hard.

Helping people is all nice and dandy, but it can also turn yourself into a machine if you are not careful enough. Examples of this would be way to active just when staff members are online, being the fastest the answer another one's question, or trying to "steal" another person's question. PokéHelpers are not robots. Instead, they are real and natural living beings behind computer screens doing good deeds for a digital game server community.


                                                                   Making Your Application 


Now that you understand what is expected from a staff member, we will now be getting into the application process. First off, we will review the application questions that must be answered, and what is needed in your application.

I will be giving you guys pointers for each question we go through. However, before we go through that, I have three main tips for you guys to keep in mind when your making your application.

  • Be honest.

Staff-Managers are trusting you to be honest throughout your application. However, that doesn't mean they can't tell whenever you are lying in your application. So please... follow this main tip, and you will be fine.

  • No one-word answers.

This is like the Black Death between 1346–1353 that wiped out the majority of Europe, except this type of Black Death gets into your application and causes it to be instantly denied.

  • Have good grammar.

Not only Staff-Managers are looking for honesty in your application, they are also looking for good grammar in your application as well. It makes your application fluent, and sometimes quite fun for Staff-Managers to read!


For for the application information that is required...

  • Your full name

Yes, I can understand that this may be considered a privacy violation in your case, but this is used for Staff-Managers to get to know you better.

  • Your Minecraft username

Simple as pie. Just tell you're Minecraft username for heaven's sake!

  • Your age

Again, this may be a privacy invasion as well. However, as stated above, its for Staff-Managers to know you well, and for them to verify that you qualify for applying.

  • Timezone and city

Yeah, I know what you're going to say... "Its another privacy invasion"! No need to worry though, as this information (and above information) will not be distributed to the public!


For for the application questions...

  • "How long you have been playing Minecraft?"

This question is used to get an idea of how much experienced you are at Minecraft.

  • "How long you have been playing Pixelmoncraft?"

This question is used to get an idea of how knowledgeable you are at the server.

  • "On which server do you play the most? (Kanto, Johto, Safari, PlanetPixelmon or Hoenn.)"

Simple question to answer. Used to determine which server you will be mostly moderating.

  • "What does being a PokeHelper mean?"

This basically boils down to "why are you applying for this position"? To get past this question, just think hard as to what this position would mean to you while you are expressing the true answer in your application.

  • "Do you have any previous experience with being a Helper?"

Chance increaser 2.0 boys!

  • "Why do you think you would fit in the staff team?"

Think about these two questions while you're answering this one:

- What have you done to demonstrate how you would make a good PokéHelper?
​- Are you doing this for the rank? Yes? No?

  • "Why are you switching from gym leader? (Only applicable for gym leaders.)"

When answering this question, you need to be cautious about how you answer this question, as you may get the Gym-Managers about thinking twice about you continuing your role as a gym leader (if you are one).

  • "What changes did you make from your last application? (Only applicable if this is your 2nd or 3rd time applying.)"

No need to explain this thoroughly. Just state the changes you made to your 2nd or 3rd application, if you plan on applying again once your application has been denied. To know the answer to that, wait two weeks for a response. If you receive no response, within two weeks, then you will know that your application was denied.

Well, that is it everyone! Everything you need to know on how to better increase your chances! Also, read this final message that Olinite posted in this thread that contributes to this guide's usefulness.

To apply for the PokéHelper position, visit Good luck!

Good guide. Certainly a few points could be added, but good. I Applied, offered an interview, never got round to it. 10 months later, forgotten about it, decided to not take it up. Wow, I should know.

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Tell me the points that could be added, and I may consider adding them to my guide. :)

I just thought a bit harder, and I think these will fit in, but basically just the whole idea of having a good application. No one-word answers, explain everything you say, take time, use good grammar, maybe you could try and see if some people would recommend you to be a PokéHelper. Also, don't get on the wrong side of anyone. I'm not trying to say you can't have opinion, but if someone has proof of you being not very mature, they might use it against you. Hope this helped.

Oh yeah, and maybe you could just copy and paste the full list from the application page, and/or put a link to it.

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Added the link to the PokeHelper application. I will add a "Making Your Application" section soon.

Now a good, simple guide.

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Great guide!

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

I always watch out for people on all servers that might become Helpers in the future. And if you're 15 (or even 14) don't let that bring you down, come to me on the forums or on Teamspeak and we'll discuss it. When I'm on the server, I always look at the global chat and I will keep an eye out for new Players with capability to become a Helper. What I think is good about this is that I can see Players and their natural behaviour to help and wanting to help others. When someone asks me to keep an eye on them and maybe even recommend them, I will surely give them the possibility to do so. I will then look at their work in global chat, the forums and how they get along with others on ts. However most important for me is that you behave like you would be a Pokehelper but without a rank, because you have to show me you're not doing this for the rank. What I don't like are people that only behave nice and helpful when I (or other staff) am on. I think there's one general misunderstanding with staff. Becoming a Pokehelper is not about the rank. Otherwise you will leave again after 2 months because you realise having this "rank" is not as satisfying or fun as you thought.

Let me remind you: being staff isn't always fun. There are many issues you can't solve and there will be many times where you'll find people scammed or griefed and you can't do anything. You have to punish people, the reactions to that can sometimes be really extreme, going from reports to real threats. This is a hard job if you want to really do your job well. It's not about having power or having a rank, just get that in your head. If you just do it for the rank you will fastly realise that you're not getting the attention or respect you want and you will quit again or go inactive. (So never accuse me of having switched for the rank again, I invested much time to keep this server as good as it could be and make your experience on here a little better.) There's one thing I learnt from Quantum about having a rank that is way more important than you'd think. Knowing the community and the community knowing you. You don't become Helper with an ingame time of 2 hours. You need to be active and talk to other Players and find out about the staff and active players. You can't be in staff without knowing the community, it won't work. So you better wait a week longer with your application instead of sending it as soon as you finally reached your one month to apply.

Most common mistakes:

  • Asking me how to apply. > If you have to ask me how to apply you have done one of those 3 things wrong: You want to become staff too early, You just want a rank or you can't solve any problem on your own (This is essential.)
  • Talk about the app too much. > Send your app, maybe let your friends know once, then you're fine, be patient. Asking the Staff-Manager before the two weeks are up, even if it's just "did you get my app" or similar stuff, is your death-sentence.
  • PokeHelper for respect. > No, No, No. Being staff will not make you more respectful, the only reason why people believe this is that most Players that become Staff are already respected Players that earned their respect fairly.
  • Get into arguments with Staff. > Even if you really think you got misjudged on something, do not start an argument a staff member. You may ask them nicely once, if you don't get a satisfying answer, just leave it (or go silently to an Admin or a Staff member you trust with it; again nicely.)
  • Never get on Teamspeak. > Teamspeak is where all the important decisions happen. It is essential to get on Teamspeak and to get along well with the people there. However you can easily get in trouble on Ts, just keep to the people you know and don't join private channels without having talked to any1 in there before. On Ts it's also easier to see what you're really like.
  • Trying too hard. > Helping and all in global is nice. But there is always a limit. Don't just try to be "the fastest" to answer questions in global or to "steal other people's questions" or be like way too active just when Staffmembers are on. We see when you try too hard; be natural; we don't want machines.

These are the points that just came to my head, if you want to become a Helper I suggest reading this.



blue-eyed Dragonite... here to help you. Feel free to message me if you need help~

You indeed make some valuable points. Thanks for pointing them out! I will add some of them to my guide soon. ;)

A decent guide indeed,  Gobby approves.


This is a very nice guide to anyone who wants to apply for the Pokehelper position! Thanks for this!