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Hello Pixelmoncrafters,

As you may've already noticed there has been some changes within the staff management. These changes should get the community more involved with the things going on on the server. I'll explain what we did below.

Basically we hired two new Community-Managers, Choray and Downyy. I'll explain the role of the Community-Manager a little bit, since some of you may have forgotten. The task of a Community-Manager is to ensure the proper communication between the community, the staff team and the staff management. This ensures that everyone knows what's going on in sometimes confusing situations. This is helpful for both the community as for the staff. We hope to get things done faster and better with the help of the two new Community-Managers and ensure a good gameplay experience for everyone.

Now we also hired a new Staff-Manager, Mariia_Chan. She'll be no different from the current Staff-Manager you already know, JesseBaws. She was hired to ensure better decision making within the staff team and let things go more fluently and faster. 

We'll also be updating the permissions soon so that everything is updated with the recent mod/plugin additions. Hopefully this post informed you guys well enough about the recent changes that have been going on. If you have any questions we would be happy to answer them.

With regards,
The Pixelmoncraft Staff team.

Hurray for Downyy, Maria and Choray!