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Updating this with more craftable items in Pixelmon soon. 

How to craft Poke balls

 To craft Poke balls you need :

  • 3 Apricorns ( this decides which Poke ball disc you get)
  • Cobblestone
  • 3 Iron ingots
  • Furnace
  • Coal/Lava bucket/Wood
  • Anvil
  • Hammer

Step 1:

Gather the Apricorns from the Apricorn trees, you need 3 Apricorn's to make a poke ball lid.
Here are the trees where you can get them from :

once you get the Apricorns you need in our case 3 red Apricorns, go to your furnace and put them inside to get cooked Apricorns.

Once you get the 3 cooked red Apricorns put them in your crafting table to make poke ball discs.

Right-click the Poke ball discs to put them on an anvil and then use your hammer to hit on them to make Poke ball lids.

  You can find the first stage of the Poke ball disc on the left anvil and the 2nd phase on the right anvil.

Heres the 3rd phase of the poke ball disc:

When they're in the 3rd phase, right-click the Poke ball disc and it will turn into a Poke ball lid.

The top part from the Poke ball is finished, just 2 more parts to go.

the 2nd part we need for our Poke ball is a button and to make a button you will need to :

Mine cobblestone and put it in the furnace to get stone and then put the stone in your inventory crafting to get buttons

the 3rd part we need for our Poke ball are 3 Iron ingots. You can get iron ingots from defeating Magnemites in the Plains/Taiga biome or by mining iron ore and putting it in the furnace.
You can make 5 iron discs with 3 iron ingots.

Now put your iron discs on anvil by right-clicking the iron disc, then hammer on it just like on how we did before on the Poke ball discs. Just like the Pokeball discs the iron disc has 3 phase and when its in the 3rd phase you can right-click on it to get a Iron base.

Then put the Poke ball Lid on the top row of the crafting table, the button on the middle row just below the Poke ball Lid and the Iron Base below the button to craft a Poke ball.

To craft different kinds of Poke balls you need to use different Apricorns :

Great ball           :             Blue, Red, Blue
Ultra ball            :             Black, Yellow, Black
Fast ball            :             Red, Yellow, Red
Luxury ball         :             White, Red, Black
Dusk ball           :             Green, Black, Green
Safari ball          :             Green, Green, Yellow
Nest ball            :             Green, Yellow, Green
Heal ball            :             White, Pink, White
Net ball             :             Black, Blue, Black
Premier ball       :             White, Red, White
Timer ball          :             Red, Black, White
Friend ball         :             Green, Yellow, Red
Heavy ball         :              Blue, Blue, Blue
Level ball          :              Yellow, Red, Black
Moon ball         :              Blue, Yellow, Black
Dive ball           :              Blue, Pink, Blue
Love ball          :               Pink, Pink, Pink
Repeat            :               Red, Black, Red


How to craft Rare candies.

In Pixelmon it is possible to craft Rare candies and I'll teach you how to make them.

List of what you need : 

  • Apple -> Golden Apple(1)
  • Sugarcanes -> Sugar(1)
  • Glow stone dust(1)
  • Gold Ingots(8)

Apples : You can obtain apples by killing Snorlax or chopping leaves from Oak trees.
Sugarcanes: This one is hard to find, but there are a few people who sell them. You can find Sugarcane near dirt/grass/sand that's adjacent to water.
Glow stone dust: You can buy Glow stone dust from the Poke mart or you can obtain them by killing Pikachu.
Gold Ingots: You can get Gold ingots by mining for Gold Ore and smelting them in the furnace or by killing Meowths and Persians and get Gold Nuggets ( 9 Gold Nuggets = 1 Gold Ingot).

Step 1: Get 1 Apple and 8 Gold Ingots, then put them in the Crafting Table with the Apple in the middle and the Gold Ingots surrounding the Apple and you will get a Golden Apple.
Step 2: Get 1 Sugarcane and craft it into Sugar.
Step 3: Put the Glow stone dust, Sugar and Golden Apple in your Inventory Crafter or Crafting Table to make a Rare Candy.

How to craft Healer

A healer is used for healing your fainted / low HP Pokemon. You can find them in every Poke center or craft them yourself.

To craft a healer you will need :

  • Aluminum Ingots -> Aluminum Plates(4)
  • Iron Ingots(4)
  • Diamonds(1)

Aluminum Ingots: You can get Aluminum Ingots only by smelting Bauxite Ore (you can obtain Bauxite Ore by mining for it).
Iron Ingots: If you read the how to craft Poke balls section, you will know how to obtain Iron Ingots.
Diamonds: You can obtain Diamonds by mining for them or by killing Dratinis.

Step 1: As soon as you got the Aluminum Ingots place them on the Anvil and start hammering on them until they become Aluminum Plates.
Step 2: Place the Aluminum Plates in each corner of the Crafting Table and place the Diamond in the middle and then fill in the other 4 spots with Iron Ingots.


How to craft a PC

A PC is used to store your Pokemon in the computer. You can only carry 6 Pokemon with you so all the other Pokemon are being held in the PC which u can find in every Poke center.

To craft a PC you will need :

  • Aluminum Plates(6)
  • Glass panes
  • Redstone Lamp
  • Redstone dust

Aluminum Plates: If you read the how to craft a healer section you should know how to get them.
Glass panes: To get Glass panes you need to melt Sand(6) into Glass(6) and then put them in the Crafting Table to craft Glass panes.


Redstone dust: You can obtain Redstone dust by mining for Redstone Ore.

Redstone Lamp: You need 4 Redstone dust and a Glow stone(4 Glow stone dust in your Inventory Crafter) to craft a Redstone Lamp. 



How to craft a Fossil Cleaner

A Fossil Cleaner cleans the fossilized Pokemon so that you can revive him in the Fossil Machine.

This is what you need for a Fossil Cleaner:

  • Aluminum Plates(6)
  • Redstone dust(2)
  • Glass panes(1)

If you read the other sections you will know how to obtain the listed items.


Excellent guide, wish I would've had this way when I first started pixelmon.

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Great work, very detailed.
This will be a great help for players who are new to Pixelmon.

Thanks for making it, and posting it on our forums.

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Thanks for the replies, I'll try to add in the other craftable pixelmon exclusive items aswell

Indeed, keep up the goid job ^^

Good job!

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Here is one with a battling tutorial.

Updated the guide with more craftable items.