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I have problem to launch the PixelMonCraft game, please help


It says Invalid credentials.  Invalid username or password

That's on your end feller, that's the prompt that comes up when you're not putting the correct username or password. First make sure your username is correct then you have to click the "Forgot Password" option and go through the steps there to change your minecraft account password.


Also if you haven't even tried to log in after downloading the Pixelmoncraft launcher you do have to do that in the Options>Proxy tab.

Come on, as i can login and raise issue from this website.  I assumed my credential is not a problem by using same username and password to login into the game.

With the invalid credentials prompt there is nothing we can do to help you as we don't know your username and password hence me saying check if you are putting in the right credentials. Even if you think your password is correct, go through the steps of changing it to be sure that is not the problem.

Issue resolved, topic is closed.

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