PixelMMO update

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We bring you the: Really Useful New Elaborate Systems with Cool And Playable Experiences update or R.U.N.E.S.C.A.P.E update dub.

This update consists of the addition of PixelMMO and PixelmonDisguises as well as a bunch of other new plugins yet to come. We understand that this is a strange period for everyone but we made some efforts to give you some new content on the PixelmonCraft server.

PixelMMO is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) role-playing game (RPG). It should really be called PixelRPG. Just roll with it. PixelMMO grants skills and skillsets to players, awarding experience to these skills for performing actions within the skills. For example, the woodcutting skill is progressed through… cutting wood.

Currently, PixelMMO has 14 skills. They are listed in /skills

The default experience for skills is right now is 25, unless you are mining or excavating.

You can reach a multimine booster for woodcutting, mining or excavating at level 33. (bound to change in settings)

Boosters are additional benefits from skill progression. Some include multiplying MMO exp and breaking multiple blocks.

Ask the mods more about specific boosters, how they work, and how you can get them.

PixelMMO Commands
/skill [skill] [-p|--player <player>] – Displays the current progress for the given skill. A player may be specified to view others’ progress
/leaderboards [skill] – Displays the current leaders of the MMO on the server
/boosters – Displays a list of active boosters, allowing users to toggle them

PixelDisguises aka Morphs
The pixelmondisguises will work with a tier system and by voting you will be able to receive a tier1 disguise crate which contains a set of pokemon species to gain as morphs. This is a random roll and you will never get the same morph. It will always be an unique one until you reached all morphs available within the tier.

PixelmonDisguises commands
/unmorph (or shift)

The PixelMMO has been updated with the ORES update and the POKEMON update, this means that all ores respectively now will drop mmo xp. For pokemon this means that all actions that involve pokemon such as catching, battling or breeding will take in factor pokemon rarity levels or eggcycles. Breeding specificly favours normally hatched pokemon to give more xp than when /hatch is used.

Also the XP rate for mining and excavation has been adjusted to 100000000 xp required for level 99.
The other skills still require only 10M xp for level 99.