Statue command guide

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Welcome to the statue guide, we will go over how to make a statue and the extra variables that can be added.

A statue costs 5k, and 5k extra for each variable added. The basic command is /statue <pokemon name> e.g. /statue bidoof

The extra variables are as follows:


-f <0-2> used to change the form of a pokemon to a mega or alternate form like Sir Doofus,

e.g. /statue bidoof -f 1

List of all forms:


-t <shiny, stone, gold, bronze, silver, bossgreens, bossyellow, bossred, bossorange> Used to change the texture

e.g. /statue bidoof -t shiny


-g <growth name> Used to change the statue size, uses the pokemon sizes like microscopic

e.g. /statue bidoof -growth microscopic


-l <label you want> Used to add a label/name above the statue, note color codes do not work.

e.g. /statue bidoof -l Lemon

They can be combined to make the exact statue you want,

e.g. /statue bidoof -t shiny -f 1 -l Lemon -g microscopic

This will make a shiny Sir Doofus that is microscopic and has the name Lemon, this statue will cost 25k, 5k for the base cost and 5k for each of the 4 variables.

When you have the statue you want you will be shown a preview and the total cost, to accept the statue hover over for the info, if you want to change it, it will disappear on its own and will not charge you. Once a statue is placed it can not be changed or moved.

Sticky For Future Use

Just a few quick things that need adding that were missing and would also help avoid confusion in the future! 

1. The -t segment doesn't mention the special texture option (i.e. halloween/valentine/alternate (shadow lugia's still in there surprisingly) textures) or the originaltexture option.

2. There should need a mention in the -g segment that all statues will default to Ordinary when the -g segment is absent from the command line.

3. The -l segment needs some elaboration about character limitations for names. i.e. whether unicode icons such as ™ or © work & the maximum character limit to a statue name, rules regarding innappropiate usage of statue names, etc.

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