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We have introduced Pixelmon Points, these points can be used for altereing pixelmon data ingame. Nearly all data can be changed and you can earn PP by voting, events or tournaments. You get 3PP for every vote placed on a vote link.

The following commands have become available on kanto:

Command Explanation Costs
/points <command> Tells you how many points you have remaining. -
/ability <1-6> <ability> Changes the pokemon in the party slot given to the specified ability. (doesn't consume the points if it is not possible to set that ability on that pokemon or if you don't spell the ability correctly or it already has the specified ability. 500PP
/hatch <1-6> Hatches the egg in the party slot given. 25PP
/gender <1-6> <male/female> Changes the pokemon in the party slot given to the specified gender (doesn't consume the points if it is already that gender). *Not available yet 25PP
/growth <1-6> <growth> Changes the pokemon in the party slot given to the specified growth size (doesn't consume the points if it is already that size or if you don't spell the growth correctly). 75PP
/happiness <1-6> Sets Happiness to 255 for the pokemon in the party slot given. 100PP
/nature <1-6> <nature> Changes the pokemon in the party slot given to the specified nature (doesn't consume the points if it is already that nature or if you don't spell the nature correctly). 300PP
/resetevs <1-6> Sets the EVs for all categories to 0 for the pokemon in the party slot. 75PP
/setivs <1-6> <stat> <0-31> Sets the IVs for one stat category to the number specified for the pokemon in the party slot. IV values must be 0-31 for each slot.  1200PP
/setshiny <1-6> <yes> Changes the pokemon in the party slot given shiny (doesn't consume the points if it is already shiny). 1200PP
/setshiny <1-6> <no> Changes the pokemon in the party slot given to the non-shiny form (doesn't consume the points if it is already non-shiny). 50PP

More information will follow soon.

Nice! Maybe its an option that you can buy PokePoints in the shop.

Hi there.

I don't think this is a good idea, it's a bit overpowered. Everybody on the server would be able to make there perfect team, just by voting for a few days.

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I do also think it's a bit overpowered, like turn the pokemon into a shiny and make it have perfect ivs. Then there would be no use for breeding, and there would be no use for the pixelmon donation shop.


This could, in the worst case, destroy the whole server economy...

Send me a message if you need my help - I will do my best to help you with your problem :)


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Setivs has currently been disabled because we need to take ditto out of there, and we have counted that it will take quitte some time before you can max iv a pokemon. Points are also being given upon donatons for pokemon on the donation shop, and you can purchase pixelmon-points.

Prices may be altered after a day of reviewing the system.

Ok cool and thanks. (: Also, how about when you sell items in /pokemart you earn Pokepoints?

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Actually I Dont believe someone will spend 200 dollars on pp and it will takes for donors 1 month to get 1200 pc which almost changes 1 stat of 1 pokemon

this is actually cool it will deff help with competitive players on getting their teams made quicker i think this is a good choice to make but yes make sure set ivs cant be used on dittos eventually this whole pp option would become pointless!

great idea lemon hopefully this will bring a more competitive edge to the player base!


come challenge me at warp AquaGym!!!!

Not definitely faster, it could take you a month or more to upgrade to something that you want. And we have to check out whether the set prices on the donation shop are right compared to the costs of the upgrades possible. This first day must tell us if everything is right as is or if we have to change anything,

I think this is an awesome update for the server.


But alots of people that have been working hard is now... retarded.

This just ruins competitive breeding.

I mean a donator can make all ivs 31 in a poke, and change nature ... thats 1 poke a month, granted its slow . . . but it just ruins the idea of breeding.

this just ruined breeding so much, it pretty much becomes pointless now...  personally i think this is a great idea for everything in the list except ivs (and ability i'm still a bit unsure about, but there are some pokes like salamence, on whom you cannot seem to breed the ability down to a bagon (moxie salamence > sheer force bagon).

I feel like this really is a step in the wrong direction. Maybe it's just my strong personal view that people should have to work to achieve something (like breeding the pokemon they want) rather than it being given to them, but while this will make the game better for those who want a shortcut, it also devalues the hard work that others put into getting the pokemon they want.

It's just a rewards system.

A move re-learner and resetlevel command still have to be made.

Lemon, if you were to remove the iv's part... and maybe think of increasing the price of the ability system, then this would be a nice reward system, that doesn't inflict /too/ much damage into competitive, and people would still be rewarded by breeding...

And NatalieDormer why buy pokes from other people since donator's can get enough Pixelmon Points to get "rewarded" a perfect poke here instead (per month) ? (the ivs, and ability part cripple the in-game economy and value of breeding.)

No drastic decisions needed about removing things, talk it over on a suggestive base. We are open for suggestions and alterations.

Well my idea is just that. an idea, but if you were to keep ivs and keep nature & ability at such a low cost, then you would just pretty much "kill" breeding . . .
I'd suggest you remove iv's and increase price of all battle-related things, Maybe this would be the best thing to be brought to Pixelmoncraft . . .

I suggest we make a vote on this... if the vote says iv's are to be kept, then i think we can say "goodbye" to a lot of the players...

And sorry to be so adamant on this subject... but it's the one thing in Pixelmoncraft i'm actually good at (except helping other players), and you're killing it :'(

Not completely true sam.  Smart breeders will get pokemon to 100% for each egg group and continue to breed pokes.  Egg moves will still be a needed thing when breeding.  If anything, Players with 100iv pokes will accent who the real competitive players are on the server.

This does not kill breeding, it simply makes breeding to 100% faster, granted some players have to wait months or buy the points to do it.

This in no way makes it pay to win.  It is completely possible to breed perfect pokemon in the game already.  So long as the prices stay high on this, the value of 100% pokes will be expensive.  The only people that will really benefit more from iv value changing the most will be expert breeders as usual.

Perfect IVs are not absolutely vital for giving a person an edge.  In theory, it's the experience of players that outranks the pokemon quality.

Iv changes are definitely in the server's good interest.

Okay well im gonna try gain to get my opinion here. Hopefully this time it wont be deleted.

If you dont wanna read about all the complaining im doing you can quick scroll down to the summery^^


I dont even know where to start.Okay here we go.

So the idea is so people, can get good Pokemon with right nature and ivs. Get shines and stuff thats something that could maybe be good BUT.

Okay so everyone can get a 100%ivs Pokemon (even Legendarys and Ditto "DITTO") with right nature. That means people can get every single Pokemon ( except Legendary, because Legendary eggs is disabled) So you can make a infinitive 100% Pokemons

​Hers the stage the game was. Work hard to keep breeding and after a month or two you maybe get a 100% Pokemon with right nature. Once you have one your just good to go to keep breeding in the rest egg groups. Some people work hard to get 100%with the right nature and the most people dont wanna spend there time to do it. So......

NOW. People can get whatever they want in no time.

People have a price for good breeders thats what the economy in the game really gets in. If we look at the auction today. nearly everything is in a low price. But why is that? its because the Pokemon is low IVs or wrong nature. To get one you need a Pokemon with the right nature and high IVs. And thats not even anything you get from Buying a "Pokemon of your choice"  for real money.

So if the new system good or is it ridiculous? Well i think my point is clear.

I think the Nature change and size is more then okay making your favorite Pokemon Shiny "Woop Woop Awesome^^"  


Quick summery:

  • Nature +
  • Size +
  • Shiny +
  • Ability +
  • Gender + 


  • EVs? Dont really get why. You already have stuff for it at /Pokemart (Kanto ONLY, atm)


  • IVs . Remove it. It will ruin the game, maybe not if you are a Donator but for the rest of the people maybe dont wanna spend real money on a game.Just remove it and everything will be just be a Happy Lemon Fairytale ( Hope Lemon make a story about it^^ )
  • I can accept /setivs LOWERING ONLY from the original one but not increasing. Reasons for it is like getting the right Hiddenpower





I agree 99% with Martino's comment (still unsure about the pricing of nature and abilities though... seem cheap to me)
but for legendaries, maybe there should be a cap for ivs, instead of just decreasing them only ? (like if i were to get a 1 sp.atk iv on a mewtwo I wouldn't be too happy... so maybe 20 ivs max in each stat ? (its not rediculously high, but can still be very beneficial)

I mean, the prices would be fine if you can only get Points from Donator once a month and from voting. -->Remove the Points in the shop, that might ruin the competitive thing, because you can get everything by just buying it from the shop.

blue-eyed Dragonite... here to help you. Feel free to message me if you need help~

I agree with oli1314.

Oh and I like the way that everyone is ignoring the shiny market . . . shiny legendaries will cost as much as regular legendaries . . . and shiny pokes will be as common and disposable as most other pokes . . .

^Nope Nope Nope Sam My MewTwo is gonna stand as the best one Timid 31 Speed 31 Sp.Attack 87%


well, this totally puts hard work in a corner. Things like changing the size of the pokemon will be a good add to the server using PP but others like setting ivs or making the pokemon into shiny's  by just getting these points will take half the fun out of the game. Then again. My opinion goes along with many replies I see on this fourm post and I do agree to Martinoking, dontstopmenow87 and sam50051. 

Literally anyone would have wanted this a half year ago, now it is there and we only got complaints. Prices are open for discussion, learn to love it, it will not go away. 

Anyone can collect points for free, and spend those for free, same as you can catch pixelmon for free. You do not have to donate, but the donators are paying for the server it's hosting and without making content for these donators the server could effectively stop existing at a certain point. Now we don't want that so therefor we have to keep on making nice things.

Discuss it and don't crack it down all the way.

For example setivs could cost 1k for each iv stat, problem solved.


I love the idea, just not the ivs or abilities. it kinda ruins the whole competitive aspect of battling imo. other than that, it sounds great to me.

banging up prices on ivs to say a 1000 per stat, and ability / nature to 500-750 points each should help keep the economy to a certain point, and should also help those people who love the game, but don't have time, and so have to pay to keep up with everyone, so the server would also benefeit...

totally agree with riccardo987, the ivs and abilities just ruin it. Without that it would be the perfect reward system

I think this is a fantastic idea, /setivs or no. As mentioned above, some abilities seem to be impossible to breed onto offspring, so this will help a lot with that. As for the concerns over ivs... if you have any idea at all of what you're doing with breeding, you can make multiple "perfect" pokemon in the time it takes someone to earn enough points to buy one. Sure, there will be those donators who simply buy a bunch of points and compile a whole team of 100% iv pokemon, but honestly they would have found a way to do this regardless, whether by purchasing them off others or whatever. Just my two cents, but I think people are focusing too much on the perceived negatives, rather than the opportunities this will open up

Let me rephrase my previous comment, i'm still strongly against ivs being bought whatsoever, (ruins breeders' time such as riccardo and sam), and the abilities should be able to be changed, as long as they are NOT hidden abilities (ex. you shouldn't be able to buy speed boost sharpedo). That's just my view, and that's all i've got to say on the matter.

Okay, people don't really seem to seem how often you can use these commands. These prices are all based on getting 3 points per vote. There's 15 voting links. That's 45 points a day (maximum) and 315 points a week (maximum) assuming you never miss a single vote. This means by voting, you can only get 1260 points a month, this means you can do the following in a month:

  • Ability: 2 times a month.
    (will mostly be used to get hidden abilities)
  • Hatch: 50 times a month, 12 times a week.
    (speeds up breeding)
  • Gender: Same as above.
    (speeds up breeding)
  • Growth: 16 times a month, 4 times a week.
    (speeds up breeding for growth)
  • Happiness: 12 times a month, 3 times a week.
    (evolves a couple pokemon)
  • Nature: 4 times a month, 1 time a week.
    (speeds up breeding, corrects old pokemon)
  • setivs: 6 times a month, 1 time a week.
    (you need to do this 6 times, to make a 6iv pokemon, so 1 perfect pokemon a month.)
  • Shiny: 1 time a month.

Based on that, I honestly feel like these prices are correct based on how many points you get from voting.

- Purchasing a pokemon gives you 600 points so that you can change your own ability.
- Lifetime Donator lets you get 1500points a month, so that's a little more than 1 free shiny a month.

nice work wesley 

We know that changing IV's is underpriced in the current table. We will be changing this price!

Need help? Go to: 

Visit us on our teamspeak server: ts.pixelmoncraft.com

is it really underpriced though? You can only make one 6iv'd pokemon a month. That's pretty reasonable.

I do reckon it should mayoralty be used for adjusting an already breeded iv pokemon from for example 94% to a 100% and only use the command one or two times.

The iv setting price for a single stat should most likely be raised to 800-1200.

Ok, so nearly end of the day. What changes have been made?

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Perhaps use your eyes? Iv setting is disabled and price will be raised to 1200 for a single stat at least.

... So kind

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Hmm me and Lemon was talking about this stuff. And i came up with the ide that you can change IVs 1Point.




31: HP
31: Attack
31: Defense
31: Sp.Attack
24: Sp.Defense
31: Speed

SO what i can actually think could be okay is that you can add 1 Point in one stats ( for a limited amount each week or month or whatever )

so lets say you have add 4 Point each month you will have 28: Sp.Defense IVs on Snorlax at the end of the month.

But this is maybe broken too but maybe can be balanced more......


When setting an ability be sure to type it 100% Correctly with the right capitals.

For example an Sharpedo with Speed Boost will be the following cmd:
/ability 1 SpeedBoost

It will work if done like this, if done otherwise you may experience problems.

Currently there are two little bugs regarding setting abilities with a space in them, they have to be typed correctly with their capitals with no space. Secondly if an ability with an space is set it will keep taking the points if you execute the command again due to the differences in Speed Boost and SpeedBoost as input for the command.

Lower how many points a donator gets every week to 1250

They get 1500 a month.

I think that people need to stop the complaints and appreciate what Lemonita is doing to the server. I personally think that the ivs thing is a great idea and don't use it if your not happy about it.


We didn't complain, we just said our thoughts. I think it is way better now, as prices have been pushed up.

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I liked the #32 suggestion: to set a limit for this changes. Very good Wesley.

This change will be an advantage or disadvantage depending of the person... For example, I can't play too much time at the server (because of my horrible Internet, that literally can't let me login). And I think it's a good idea for people who can't get so much time to breeding or something like that... and we could play competitive at the same level. If I could, I would play much more here... during my last time playing I was looking for Dittos and how to make my breeding. I really like that (I'm a Pokémon freak xD)

Everyone playing competitive at the same level? What about all those who have played on the server for more than one year, putting so much effort into making strong pokemons and a balanced team and watching new players joining, buying perfect pokemons and having perfect team within minutes? And if you can't get into breeding or something like that, ask for help from PokeHelpers or search on Google about it, you can do anything you want if you put your mind on it. Anyway if everyone in the server plays competitive at the same level it's unfair for the old people. Because to play competitive you need to spend time on the server, train your pokemons, get the right Ivs, etc. That's how it used to be and it was fair for the ones that spent time on their team and the server. Now you can do anything you want, you can change IVS / Abilities you can have a perfect pokemon by just claiming points each month and voting...

You can, for example, only change about 2/3 IV stats a month if you vote every day for each link and are a donator. I don't call that getting a competitive team in minutes. Just look at wesley's post who displayed very nicely how much you can do with those monthly and vote points. Keep in mind that IV changes cost 1200PP now. 

Yes there are going to be a very sall amount of people who are going to buy extra points in the shop, but these are the long term players you're talking about anyway.

Like lemon already stated multiple times, this system will mainly be used to make small changes to their existing pokemon. It will be very hard to make a perfect pokemon from scratch with this system.

Need help? Go to: 

Visit us on our teamspeak server: ts.pixelmoncraft.com

And? If you are truly better, then you will still be able to beat the opponents. It just allows players who recently joined to get a competitive edge. You still can't buy experience, and that is especially true when you consider the uniqueness of this meta in relation to anywhere else. 

I think it would also be nice if you could reset a pokemon to level 1 to retrain it to learn a different moves that cant be learned with tm's, or if that pokemon has good ivs and you want to use it against a gym but it is over leveled.  If that's added then i will be real happy.