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Pixelmon Reforged 6.2.3 Release

“Now potatoes can run it!”

Download Pixelmon Reforged 6.2.3

Pixelmon Reforged 6.2.3 update changelog

Reforged 6.2.3

“Now potatoes can run it!”


– Optimised even more stuff so you only need 1GB of RAM. Now the THOUSANDS of people on 1.7.10 can move on with their lives!

– Moved Performance section up to the top of this changelog just this once because we wanted people to see the RAM thing and Changelog Guy has no sense of continuity.

– 64-bit Java still recommended.


– Added megas (2): Blaziken, Lopunny.

– Added smooth models for Staryu and Starmie. If you saw Sirud’s video, relax, we scaled down Starmie since then.

– Added smooth models for Meowth and Persian.

– Added new Boldore and Meganium sounds.

– Added /checkspawns [specific] [pokemon…] – Gets a percentage based list of Better Spawner spawns for an area or position. Mostly for our own benefit tbh.

– Added config option: alwaysHaveMegaRing – When you log in it gives you a Mega ring if you don’t already have one. Someone asked for this, so here we are.


– Made the Better Spawner the default spawner. New installs will have useBetaSpawner turned on initially. The old spawner is shaking in fear. It knows.

– Changed many of the default config values for Better Spawning to be more active.

– Made the Lake Trio spawn underwater instead of on the surface. They swim to the surface anyway, it’ll be fine.

– When a legendary spawns, it now says which it is. Also logs its location in the server console.

– Legendaries spawned by the Better Spawner now take ages to despawn instead of sometimes immediately going poof.

– NPC trainers can now utilize Ash-Greninja. Scary times ahead.

– Removed a bunch of sound files. We don’t need Pokémon with 17 voices!

– Made Xerneas 5x more common.


– Fixed Pokémon entering battle and reverting to default abilities until switched out and in. Oops.

– Fixed form changing not updating the ability/type/etc unless it was changed while sent out.

– Fixed a few problems with PCs and parties on servers. Only tiny of course, bet you didn’t even notice.

– Fixed a Fossil Display visual bug. I wasn’t told what this bug was but I’m sure it was huge! Almost definitely Gabe’s doing.

– Fixed even more ways that Apricorn trees can cause crashing. I hate these bloody trees.

– Fixed Pokémon not walking around at all after mega-evolving outside of battle.

– Fixed being unable to click the first row of recipes in the recipe book because of the Pixelmon inventory GUI being obnoxious.

– Fixed evolution stone boots not giving armour values.

– Prevented eggs from being sent out under any circumstances. There was a teeny tiny little loophole where you could.

– Fixed the Cursed Body ability using the wrong battle message. Yeah this counts as a bug.

– Fixed those new megas not spawning in the wild. We forget this every single time we add megas. We did it this time though. Changelog Guy checked.

– Fixed evolution from single- to multi-forme Pokémon like Cherrim and Gardevoir temporarily breaking their sprite. 2 lines of code to fix. So exhausting.

– Probably fixed some mods that add biomes not being compatible with the Better Spawner. Bit of a guess. Put it all on red.

– Also probably fixed an issue where sometimes people can’t open a PC.

– Model fixes:

  • * Fixed Kangaskhan lying on its back instead of walking like everyone else with legs.
  • * Fixed Tyrantrum being too small. It was technically the right height already but a T-Rex should be bigger, soo.
  • * Fixed Metagross being way bigger while flying.
  • * Fixed Darkrai being too high up off the ground, hiding his level tag.


– Updated the following language files (Thank you, translators!):

  • * es_ES
  • * fr_CA
  • * fr_FR
  • * ru_RU
  • * zh_CN