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Pixelmon Reforged 6.2.2 Release

“Hang on a second, what have the devs really been working on all this time?”

Download Pixelmon Reforged 6.2.2

Pixelmon Reforged 6.2.2 update changelog

Reforged 6.2.2

“Hang on a second, what have the devs really been working on all this time?”


– Added (7) megas: Abomasnow, Audino, Latias, Latios, Manectric, Sceptile, and Swampert.

– Added a new model for Tauros. It looks slightly less like a box now.

– Added a Mega Evolve external move so you can admire them without having to be in battle. You can even ride them! The future is now, old man.


– Fixed ruby armour and tool recipes vanishing.

– Fixed eggs not hatching sometimes. Not a huge issue but it was a very old bug! It was probably Gabe.

– Fixed Friendship not going down if your Pokémon faints during battle. For anyone that cares, this also fixed the PixelmonFaintEvent.

– Fixed Friendship increasing while in a ranch block.

– Fixed Pokegifts sometimes causing big spammed errors and crashes and chaos and war in the Middle East. Maybe not the last two.

– Fixed loads of NPC skins being Steve instead of the referenced player skins.

– Fixed the async save option causing a pretty easy duplication. Woopsy daisy.

– Fixed spawn interval seconds being -1 not cancelling the spawns for that interval. Dunno what I mean? Don’t worry.

– Fixed (big) server statue save problems.

– Fixed the statue gui not responding when editing some form based Pokémon. Also fixes some performance issues with form based Pokémon.

– Fixed Giratina texture being broken when summoned from the Timespace Altar.

– Fixed Ash-Greninja sometimes not reverting after battles and fixed Ash-Greninja being considered a mega evolution.

– Fixed Victini being female instead of genderless.

– Fixed /givepixelsprite giving an invalid texture for multi-form Pokémon.

– Fixed Uxie not giving the Ruby of Knowledge.

Also fixed the ruby items not being named properly.

– Fixed trainers with engage mode not engaging players, and that weird twitching they did.

– Fixed eggs being able to evolve by trade.

– Added Pancham to the Human-Like egg group.

– Fixed Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie not obeying the limit on enchanting rubies.

– Battles:

  • * Fixed Safety Goggles not protecting against Hail and Sandstorm.
  • * Fixed Sap Sipper not stopping Solar Beam during intense sunlight.
  • * Fixed Solar Beam during intense sunlight saying it’s charging and then smashing the target immediately after. That’s just dishonest.
  • * Fixed temporary abilities being kept after mega-evolution. (e.g. Gardevoir Traced abilities remaining instead of changing to Pixilate)


– Timespace Altar:

  • * Requirements to obtain a special ruby from Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie change from level 50, friendship 220, and original trainer to level 60, friendship 255, original trainer.
  • * Each Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie can now only be used to get special rubies three times each.
  • * Realized game balance is actually pretty difficult. I’ve called management about it but no reply yet.

– Better Spawning:

  • * Added ‘/spawning diagnose’ to help track down what is happening when spawning stops spawning.
  • * Completely reworked the random spawn selection. You’ll see other legendaries spawning, less bias in favour of rare locations like Surface Water, and just general better balance.
  • * Made Keldeo 300x more common.
  • * Made Numel 10x more common.
  • * Made Shuckle, Bronzor, Bronzong, Geodude, Gible, Swoobat, and Zubat properly spawn underground. Underground spawning is hard to do properly, leave me alone.
  • * Made Burmy spawn in various forest biomes instead of all biomes. Why on Earth was it like that?

– Added target selector support to the /unlock command. We also fixed the command telling you it was successful at unlocking before it even attempted the unlocking.

– Added a workaround for fishing not working on servers with a hub.

– Changed how you get a Porygon. You now have to craft a Porygon with a head, body, leg, and tail. You get these pieces at random when crafting a PC or Trade Machine.

– Added an option to change the amount of times Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie can enchant a ruby


– Reduced passive RAM consumption by like, 50mb. Apparently. Can you really trust developers, though? Answer is yes.

– Reduced the lag spike when joining a world. Also reduced the random lag spikes during normal game play. Your frame-rate should be as smooth as butter now~

– Fixed a few mechanics that would cause the RAM usage to gradually increase. It should stay lower now.

– Optimised a lot of our assets. This reduces the jar size considerably. About ~200MB shaved off the top.


– Split up the external JSON config nodes (useExternalJSONFilesDrops, useExternalJSONFilesNPCs, useExternalJSONFilesRules, useExternalJSONFilesSpawning, useExternalJSONFilesStructures).

  • * Added migration to convert the old value of useExternalJSONFiles to the new nodes. Basically, if the original node was true, all the new ones are true.


– Updated de_DE language file.

– Updated fr_FR language file

– Updated es_ES language file

– Updated ru_RU language file

– Updated zh_CN language file